Hello! My name is Jen Leheny. I’m a photographer in Canberra, Australia.

I love to take photos of people, fashion, landscapes, urban, food, whatever. Find it all in my PORTFOLIO. I’ve got lots of images to add so make sure you keep updated.

Jen Leheny - Canberra Designer and PhotographerI’ve been taking photos for many years now and I remember being very interested in photography as a kid, but it wasn’t until I found my husband’s old (film) SLR camera about 15 years ago that I really got into the fun of photography.  I took many photos with that camera and got to know the technical side of SLR cameras.

From there I got into Lomography (before it was cool, of course) and went on to do a couple of classes in developing and printing black and white film. I stayed very interested in photography while I was at home with my two youngest children (they are now 10, 12 and 21) and I found that it fit very nicely with my other interest in graphic design and visual communications – as well as my photography, I run my own graphic design business Red Instead.

I recently decided to get out of my comfort zone some more and began working with models and studio lighting this year. As the photography side of things grew, I decided it needed it’s own home here, so that I could show all my images somewhere special.

I hope you enjoy my photos and my journey. Why not start with the blog or see my photos in the portfolio section. Have a great day!